Glad Tidings

The gospel (that is to say, joyful tidings) is called the New Testament. Because as a man when he shall die, appoints his goods to be dealt and distributed after his death among those whom he names to be his heirs; even so Christ, before His death, commanded and appointed that such gospel, or tidings, should be declared throughout all the world, and therewith to give unto all that repent and believe, all His goods; that is to say, His life, wherewith He swallowed and devoured death; His righteousness, wherewith He banished sin; His salvation, wherewith He overcame eternal damnation.

Now, the wretched man, that knows himself to be wrapped in sin, and in danger of death and hell, can hear nothing more joyous than such glad and comfortable tidings of Christ. So that he cannot but be glad and laugh from the bottom of his heart, if he believes that the tidings are true.

William Tyndale (1500-1536)

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