A Short Study of Revelation 16:9

“And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give Him glory.”
(Revelation 16:9)

All things were created by God for His glory. “The heavens declare His glory”, and all created things in the earth, the trees clap their hands, the birds sing . . .all things declare God’s glory as they were made to do. . . . All but man that is! Man rejects God’s glory. Man attributes the glory of God’s creation to evolution and the glory of God’s salvation to man. Rather than glorify God’s choice of men, man glorifies his choice of God. Rather than glorify God’s mercy to unworthy sinners, man glorifies himself for letting God into his life. Rather than glorify God’s Son for making peace by the blood of His cross, man glorifies himself in (supposedly) making his peace with God. Rather than glorify God’s sovereign Spirit and power which quickens, gives repentance, faith and fruit; man glorifies his supposed free-will and works. And so God created a Hell to put these vain glorious creatures in. And even though they will clearly see God’s holiness and power, even then, while enduring His wrath against them, His fiery indignation against their rebellion, they still will not repent to give Him glory! In the words of Thomas Adams: “They curse Him for their pains and sores, but repent not of their deeds. They weep not for the cause of their sufferings, but for the loss of their comforts. I believe it will be found that the repentance of most men is not so much the sorrow for sin as sin, or real hatred of it, as sullen sorrow that they are not allowed to continue to sin.” O’ may God be pleased to reveal unto us His glory. May He grant us true repentance and faith.

P. Mahan

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