Test All Things

Monthly Archives: March 2015

This message deals with the most important matter that must be settled in every sinner’s life – JUSTIFICATION. It all comes down to this one question: What is your hope and cause of justification before the true and living God?

This message deals with the actual establishment of the righteousness required to justify all God’s elect. Christ actually finished everything necessary to glorify and honour God in His redemptive character as both “a Just God and a Saviour”.

The theme of this message is the absolute sovereignty of the true and living God in all things, but particularly in this eternal matter of salvation. It is an in depth examination of the Lord Jesus Christ’s prayer of thanksgiving to the Father for both HIDING and REVEALING His Gospel according to His good pleasure.

This message is a detailed look at three things taught by this well-known and much misunderstood parable – The Good Samaritan.

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Some time ago I spoke to a man who told me he was a member of the “Order of Melchizedek”. He seemed to be very proud of the fact that his group had discovered some deep mystery that was known only to themselves. Their leaders had written some books that gave them insight into these lost ancient secrets. It was clear to me that this man was infatuated with a hard to… Read More