Old Testament – Joshua

Joshua Leads Israel into the Promised Land

154. Who led the children of Israel after Moses died? Joshua.

155. Who was the woman at Jericho who helped Moses’ spies to escape? Rahab.

156. What river did God’s people cross to get to Canaan? The Jordan.

157. What happened to Jericho when the children of Israel marched around it? The walls fell down.

158. Whom did Joshua save when the walls of Jericho fell down? Rahab and her family.
Why did God save her? Because she had faith and hid the spies.

159. Why were the Israelites defeated at the little city of Ai? Because Achan took some things he shouldn’t have taken.

160. Did the whole nation of Israel suffer because Achan had sinned? Yes.
Does the whole church suffer when one of its members doesn’t do right? Yes.

161. What are some of the Ten Commandments that Achan broke? He coveted and he stole.

162. Is it very important that we obey God? Yes. Will we be chastised (spanked) when we don’t obey God? Yes.

163. Did Israel defeat Ai when they had gotten rid of Achan’s sin? Yes.

164. Why were the Israelites tricked by the Gibeonites? Because they forgot to ask God what to do (Joshua 9:14).
Should we always ask the Lord before we do anything? Yes.

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