A Short Study of Psalm 66:7

“He ruleth by his power for ever; his eyes behold the nations: let not the rebellious exalt themselves.”
(Psalm 66:7)

There are three things that are obvious in this verse. First, God rules. He rules over all things and all people. Whatever powers might exist on earth, they are subservient to God who rules alone. He does His will in the armies of heaven and among the inhabitants of earth and none can question or stop Him. This is true in all things but especially in that business which is His greatest glory, the salvation of His people in Christ. He purposed it in Christ before the world began. He did all necessary to save them in a way glorifying to His just and holy character through the substitutionary death of Christ and He will make manifest this salvation to them for the glory of His grace. He rules over all things pertaining to them as they live in this world and makes sure their welfare both physical and spiritual, working all things together for their good and His glory.

Secondly, as He does this He is well aware of all that is going on in the earth among all men. “His eyes behold the nations…” Divine omniscience watches over all at all times. Men may imagine that He does not exist or that He does not know or care about what they’re doing but His eyes behold each one and all they do. Their sins will not escape His just judgment. Their rebellion against His throne, His Son and His word do not go on unnoticed. He will judge all based upon what He knows as the One who looks not just on men but in them, knowing their hearts.

Lastly, it is vain for men to defy Him and exalt themselves. “Let not the rebellious exalt themselves.” All who exalt themselves He will abase! Those that are humbled before Him He will exalt. Human pride is the prelude to divine destruction.

Let all who trust this glorious and gracious Sovereign rejoice. He rules. “The LORD God omnipotent reigneth.” He knows us as Adam “knew” his wife in an intimate relationship of everlasting love and rules us to bless us. He that spared not His Son but judged our sins in His death that He might make us righteous in Him will surely bless and keep us in the midst of all the upheavals of earth and bear us safely into the glory of His presence. Let us bow our hearts before Him now.

G. Shepard

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