Old Testament – Moses

Moses Gets Ready to be a Leader

114. What did Moses’ mother put him in, to hide him from Pharaoh? A basket boat or ark.

115. Why did she have to hide him? Because Pharaoh was going to kill all the boy babies.

116. Who was Moses’ sister? Miriam.

117. Who found Moses floating in the river in the ark? Pharaoh’s daughter.

118. Who made Pharaoh’s daughter love Moses? God.

119. Where did Moses grow up? In Pharaoh’s house.

120. Did Moses stay in Pharaoh’s house all his life? No.

121. Why? Because he loved God and God’s people.

122. Why did Moses leave Egypt? Because he killed an Egyptian who was hurting one of the children of Israel.

123. Who appeared to Moses in the burning bush? God.

124. What did God tell Moses His name was? “I AM.”

125. Why did God say this? Because God has always been and He will always be.

B. Moses Leads Israel Out of Egypt

126. What did God tell Moses to tell Pharaoh? “Let my people go.”

127. Who did God give to Moses for a helper? Aaron.

128. Did Pharaoh want to let the people of Israel go? No.

129. How many miracles did God work in Egypt? Ten.

130. What were some of these miracles? Water into blood, frogs, flies, lice, hail, death of first-born.

131. Where in Egypt did the children of Israel live? Land of Goshen.

132. What did God finally do to make Pharaoh let the children of Israel go? He killed the first-born of every family.

133. Did the first-born of the children of Israel die? No.

134. Why not? Because the blood of the passover lamb was put on the doors of their houses.

135. What did this stand for? The blood of Jesus Christ.

136. What is one of the names of Jesus? The Lamb of God.

137. What did Pharaoh decide to do after the children of Israel left Egypt? To follow and make them be slaves again or kill them.

138. What stood between Pharaoh’s army and the children of Israel? The cloud and the fire.

139. How did God get the children of Israel across the Red Sea? He rolled up the waters like a wall and they crossed on dry ground.

140. What did God do to the Egyptians? He drowned them.

God Gives Israel His Law

141. What was the name of the bread from heaven that God gave the children of Israel to eat? Manna.

142. How many commandments did God give to Moses? Ten.

143. On what did God write them? Two tables of stone.

144. What mountain was Moses on when God gave him the commandments? Mt. Sinai.

145. How long was Moses on the mountain? Forty days and forty nights.

146. What bad thing did the children of Israel do while Moses was on the mountain? They made a golden calf.

147. Was God pleased with that? No. Why not? Because we are not to bow down to graven images–there is only one God.

148. Learn the Ten Commandments.

149. What was God’s house in the wildnerness called? The tabernacle.

150. Who was the first high priest? Aaron.

151. What did the animals that were killed in the tabernacle represent? Jesus Christ dying for the sins of His people.

152. Who buried Moses? God.

153. How old was Moses when he died? 120 years old.

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