Not Repentant At All

One who believes he cannot be saved due to the severity of his sins is hardly closer to the kingdom of God than the man who believes that his own righteousness and works shall save him. The first man may look like a truly repentant person, but he is not. The only difference is that the first man is waiting for some improvement in himself to make him worthy of salvation, while the second man believes he has already attained that improvement. But this they have in common – Neither one is trusting Christ, neither one has received and submitted to the imputed righteousness of Christ as the only ground of salvation. If they had, they would rest in Christ, knowing that God is just to justify sinners based on His righteousness alone. If they had, based on Christ having satisfied law and justice on their behalf, they would truly repent of ever thinking that our sins could keep us from salvation or that our obedience could recommend us unto God.

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