Happy Homes Don’t Just Happen – They Are Made

Paul speaks to wives and says, “Submit yourselves to your husbands.” This subjection is not only in body but in heart and spirit. Wives should love, think well of husbands, speak respectfully of them, and to them, take care of family matters according to the husband’s will, imitate him in that which is good, and bear patiently that which is not so agreeable. Paul adds, “As unto the Lord.” The Lord has designated authority in the husband and commands obedience to and respect for that authority. To the husbands the apostle simply says, “Love your wives.” This is still and always will be the key to any happy relationship! Because we love Christ, His yoke is easy and His burden is light. If a husband loves his wife, he will show affection for her, delight in her, seek her happiness and contentment, speak kindly to her, conceal her faults, and prefer her above his parents, and friends! You don’t need to go to a marriage counselor to solve your differences, you need to go to the cross and learn the meaning of LOVE.

Henry Mahan

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