If We Have Christ

If we have Christ, we have His blood for pardon, His righteousness for justification, His fulness to supply all our needs, His promises to cheer us, His strength to support us, His wisdom to guide us in all our ways.

We have Him in all the offices He sustains – as Prophet to teach and instruct us, as Priest to atone and plead for us, and as King to rule over us and in us.

We have Him in all the blessed characters He bears – as our Shepherd, our Captain, our Bread of Life, Water of Life and the Wine of God to cheer us.

We have Him in the endearing relationship He sustains as our Elder Brother.

And we have Him as our Husband; and He does not take His bride as we are in the habit of taking ours, “for better or for worse.” O no! He knew she would have no “better” about her; it would be all “worse;” therefore, He took her with all her sin and guilt, and stood answerable for all her debts.

William Gadsby – 1843

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