A Short Study of Genesis 19:14

“He seemed as one that mocked…”
(Genesis 19:14)

Lot was a righteous man. He believed God and worshipped God. He was saved, justified, and forgiven. But Lot made some very careless decisions, early in life, that proved most costly for him. He left his godly Uncle Abraham in a dispute over a few four-footed beasts. Lot took his family and moved to Sodom. The men of that city, who would be his neighbors, were wicked. There was no prophet of God in the place. There was no place in the city where the LORD God was worshipped. There was not to be found in the city one person who worshipped and served the LORD, with whom Lot could have fellowship. In short, there was not one thing in the city that could be of spiritual, eternal benefit to Lot and his family. But Sodom was a wealthy city. It offered good business opportunities for a man like Lot. In Sodom Lot could provide well for his family. His wife would have the comforts of a nice home and plenty of neighbors. His children would receive a good education, and be able to enjoy the social advantages of life in the city. Like most of us, Lot took great care to provide the best for his children in this world; and, I am afraid, like most of us, he showed little concern for the eternal welfare of their souls.

At last, God sent His servants to Sodom to warn Lot of His impending judgment. They told him to go out and gather his family around him and “bring them out of this place: for the Lord hath sent us to destroy this city.” Lot knew God. He believed what God’s servants told him. He knew that within twenty-four hours God would destroy Sodom and every person in it. Suddenly, he was aroused by a sense of divine justice. Fearing for their lives, he went out to warn his sons-in-law of God’s judgment. But it was far too late. The actions of his life in Sodom silenced the words of his mouth in their ears. “He seemed as one that micked unto his sons in law.” Lot had no influence for good upon his family. Not one soul in his family respected his religion, reverenced his God, or regarded his witness. His wife, two of his daughters, and his sons-in-law perished with Sodom. And the two daughters who escaped with Lot only had their judgment postponed for a while. They too had become Sodomites. Lot is a beacon to warn us of danger. AS WE LOVE OUR FAMILIES AND CARE FOR THEIR SOULS, WE MUST AVOID THE FOOLISHNESS OF LOT!

 D. Fortner




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