Book Review: “A Goodly Heritage”

A Goodly Heritage – By J.A. Watts and G.D. Buss;

Hardback; 80 pages.

Published by Gospel Standard Trust Publications.


For many years our friend and oldest deacon, Mr. John Watts, has been burdened about our Articles of Faith – believing that their value has not been properly appreciated, and that they have often been misunderstood.

Over the years he has made notes and written down his observations, which recently have come to light and the Gospel Standard Trust have felt a desire that they should
be published. So with the help of Mr. Gerald Buss this work has now appeared.

The sub-title of A Goodly Heritage is “An Insight into the Gospel Standard
Articles of Faith.”

The comments are most helpful and enlightening, especially for our young people, and will also help to serve as an answer to those who disagree.

Perhaps our articles on the believer’s rule of conduct and the method of preaching the gospel to the unconverted have been misunderstood more than any of the others, so this brief explanation will, we hope, answer many questions.

Mr. Watts makes it abundantly clear that the vital foundation for our beliefs is holy Scripture and that “the goodly heritage” is not the Articles in themselves but the glorious truths contained in them.

“The supremacy of holy Scripture is always paramount.”

An explanation is given of the origin of our Articles and it is made clear that we believe we are the true descendants of the founders under God of the Particular Baptist denomination – Hanserd Knollys, William Kiffin and Benjamin

At the end there are suggestions for further reading.

The authors’ own assessment of A Goodly Heritage is: “It has not been written as a theological treatise but is intended for the ‘ordinary’ reader in the
hope that it will arouse more interest in the precious doctrines which form the
basis of church fellowship.”

This is a day when so many people think it does not really matter what we believe, but sound doctrine is vital.

By B.A. Ramsbottom


People say it does not matter much what we believe: the essential thing is to be sincere in whatever we do believe and to appreciate and try to understand the beliefs of others whatever they may be. This is indeed the spirit of the age (the essence of ecumenism) but it is not the voice of Holy Scripture.

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