Test All Things


In Genesis 3 we read about the evil deed of Adam and Eve by eating of the fruit of the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil”. It was an evil deed because they knew what God had said, and they did not believe God, their Maker, but instead they believed the evil spirit, which indwelt the serpent. Did Adam and Eve know that there was a spirit indwelling the talking… Read More

Today we want to consider the scribes and Pharisees as actually representing the entire nation of Jews who believes their teachings, and are led by their religious rulers on a slippery slide into Hell. The sins of the religious rulers are imitated and propagated by those who believe their false gospel. And thus, when the Lord Jesus refers to “This Generation” He actually does not point only to the religious rulers, but… Read More

It is quite immaterial the day Christmas is celebrated: we may properly join. (Watchtower – December 15th 1903 – Page 3290) Don’t quibble about the date; join in with the world and celebrate Christmas. (Watchtower – December 1st 1904 – Page 3468) The Studies in the scriptures suggested as Christmas gifts. (Watchtower – November 15th 1907 – Page 4094) Christmas is so important, regardless of the date. (Watchtower – December 15th 1926… Read More

  Righteous In Christ Alone! How shall I be right with God? If that is not the question that lies in the pit of your heart, thereby you know the folly of your own sinful flesh. You are not living in reality. Your heart is deceived. You refuse to reckon with reality – God and sin. To a believer in Christ Jesus, one in whom the grace of God has worked, to… Read More