The Way Home

I cannot help but relate to you another experience I had with Brother Scott Richardson which the LORD used to teach me something.

Once while he was preaching for us in a meeting, he was staying with my brother at his house which is not far from my house. Brother Scott was taking me home in his car and when we got to the drive I told him to just let me out and I would walk on down my long gravel drive. He said, “Oh no, I’ll take you all the way.” He then told me that when he was a young person with no car, he would catch a ride from town with someone else. But when they would get to the road that led up the hollow to where he lived, they would let him off there because the road was bad and they didn’t want to harm their car. He’d have to walk the rest of the way down that dark road himself and by himself. He said that he made up his mind then, “if I ever get a car of my own and I give someone a ride, I’ll take them all the way home!”

Many times I have used that illustration to show how that Christ, in saving all His people from all their sins, has done and will do everything necessary to take them “all the way home.” All the way to HIS heavenly home! There, by His coming to where we are and by His cross death, He has prepared us a place. There are the many dwelling places for the redeemed and He will come for us, either in our death or in His second coming, and receive us unto Himself that, where He is, we may be also. His deliverance and salvation is a full one as well as a free one. He saves “to the uttermost.”

As I stood by the graveside of our departed brother I thought, “God was surely faithful to him and He has now taken him all the way home!”

Our Saviour will surely do the same for all who believe on Him. They will never be disappointed for He will never leave or forsake them! His promise is sure, “lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.” (Matthew 28:20) That’s all the way!

G. Shepard

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