“Who Maketh Thee To Differ?”

From the Scriptures and experience, I have learned that whatever is in the worst of men and women is in the best of them, and whatever is in the best of them is in the worst of them. In the very best and worst of Adam’s children there is a mind which is enmity against God, and there is in each of them a heart which is deceitful above all things and desperately (incurably) wicked (Romans 8:7; Jeremiah 17:9; Genesis 6:5; Genesis 8:21).

As Mr. Newton said, “There is indeed a difference amongst men, but it is owing to the restraints of Divine Providence, without which earth would be the very image of hell. Education and interests, fear and shame, human laws, and the secret power of God over the mind, combine to form many characters that are extremely decent and respectable,” but none can praise himself, for “WHO MAKETH THEE TO DIFFER?”

“I am what I am,” said the apostle Paul, “by the grace of God.” It is owing to the mercy and grace of God alone that all of us are not already in hell; and whatever degree of human dignity and decency, morality and manners which we may possess and manifest, is due to the mercy and grace of God. How much more, then, must we ascribe all spiritual knowledge and understanding, gifts and enjoyments to the sovereign, free grace of God in Christ. “WHO MAKETH THEE TO DIFFER?” The children of God cry with one voice, “TO GOD BE THE GLORY!”

M. Montgomery

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