“O Wretched Man That I Am”

While it is indeed gloriously true that in Christ every true believer is “holy, unblameable, and unreprovable” before God, possessing the very “righteousness of God” by imputation, it is also equally true that in themselves, i.e., in their flesh “dwelleth no good thing,” bringing forth the same continual cry from all of them daily – “O wretched man that I am! WHO shall deliver me from this body of death.” Here is the frightening thing this verse teaches from 1st John 1:8 – If anyone who claims to be a child of God claims that “in their flesh” they “have NO SIN,” i.e., they have obtained by their character and conduct a level of holiness pleasing to God, they are deceived and according to this verse, “THE TRUTH IS NOT IN THEM.”

William Mason

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