A Few Last Words from Ebenezer Erskine

A friend, calling on Ebenezer Erskine during his last illness, said to him, “Sir, you have preached to others all these years; what are you now doing with your own soul?”

“I am doing with it,” he replied, “what I did forty years ago; I am resting on God’s Word, which says, ‘I am the Lord thy God’; and, on this, I mean to die.”

To another he said, “The covenant of grace is my charter; and if it had not been for his grace in Christ, my hope and strength would perish.”

2 Comments on “A Few Last Words from Ebenezer Erskine

  1. You have have no idea how much your web page means to me. I truly appreciate you and give thanks for your encouragement brother. May our LORD JESUS CHRIST be Glorified.

    • Praise be to God for His faithfulness to feed His sheep with the truth of His Word! I have nearly finished scheduling one post a day for the rest of this year so I am very happy about that especially as I believe God has led me to find so much sound gospel teaching to share with the brethren. I am currently working on more sermons by William Gadsby and William Tiptaft which I hope to post very soon and a few more by some Gospel Standard brethren from the 1900s. I am also hoping to add more articles by James Bourne and a few more of his sermons. I also hope that God helps me finish some more scripture word studies that I wanted to share, which will be “Image of the Beast”, “Mark of the Beast”, “Number of his Name”, “One Thousand Years”, “Day of Salvation”, “Two Witnesses”, “Hypocrite”, and a few more. I am very happy and thankful to God that you are being blessed by these studies. 🙂

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