Why Do The “Church System” Pastors Not Teach The Great Apostasy?

Why do they not teach the whole counsel of God?

Why do they not teach about the great apostasy of our day?

I will tell you why it is not preached today. Pastors are deadly afraid that the members of “their” congregations will discover these verses themselves, and then pastors are afraid they will lose their jobs, and lose their pensions, and lose their housing allowances, and lose their car allowances, and lose their medical benefits, and insurances, and their 401-K, and so on. And if you think I am exaggerating, remember that most pastors get these fringe benefits in addition to their salaries.

You might wonder why they should receive any salaries in addition to the enormous value of all these fringe benefits. But it is no secret that in the United States most pastors live in luxury compared to the living standards of the members in their churches. Gone are the days of living in poverty for the sake of Christ and for the furtherance of the Gospel. And so, because they do not want to lose their lucrative jobs, and because they did not develop any skills to do any other job, they remain silent about those parts of Scripture that might jeopardize their position.

And so, they follow where the money goes. That is why they keep their congregations in the dark about the great apostasy. And as a diversion maneuver they keep their congregations in suspense about great army movements in the Middle East, with spectacular speculations about a single person who is called Antichrist, and who will be defeated by a small Israeli army in a place called Armageddon, near the Mound of Megiddo.

But it is all a diversion maneuver to keep our eyes peeled in the distance to a land far far away, or in some event in time past so that it does not affect us personally in the here and now. This is total darkness! This is the total darkness that envelops the seat of the beast (Revelation 22:18-19).

Alfred J. Chompff

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