“Behold Your God”

“Behold, Your God.” 
(Isaiah 40:9)

Get up on a high mountain, lift up your voice, be not afraid, and say to the people, “Behold your God.” That Divine person is come that was promised, prophesied, and expected – even EMMANUEL, God with us, God in our nature, God manifest in the flesh, God our Saviour; and who, being God, truly God, is able to save to the uttermost. Look to Him and be saved! Behold your God! Behold the Son of God! Behold the Lamb of God who has borne all our sins and taken them away. Behold Him now as your King and your LORD on the throne, crowned with glory and honour. Behold him on the same throne with His heavenly Father, having all power in heaven and earth; and let your heart-faith exclaim, “My Lord and my God!”

John Gill

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