The Atonement For Sin Is Made Only By Christ

The atonement for sin is made only by Christ, our Great High Priest. He, Himself, and no other, bore our sins; and He, Himself, purged them away. By His sacrifice alone He expiated our sins and accomplished our salvation, and of the people there were none to help nor assist Him. Moses wrote, “And there shall be no man in the tabernacle of the congregation when the high priest goes in to make an atonement in the Holy Place, until he come out.” (Leviticus 16:17)

When our Shepherd was smitten by the sword of justice, the sheep were scattered and all His disciples forsook Him and fled. There were none to appear for Him, nor stand by Him, not in the least to lend an assisting hand in the great work in which He was engaged. He is the only Mediator between God and men, both of redemption and of intercession. He is the alone Saviour; to Him only are sinners to look for salvation, and He is to have all the glory. He had no partner in the work of redemption, and He will have no rival in the honour of it.

John Gill

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