Justly Passed By

God passed by His people, gathered all their sins together, their sins of omission and commission, against light and against knowledge, in principle and in practice and placed them all to the account of His Son. He drew His Divine Sword and demanded full satisfaction; if one iota had been left unanswered, justice must have damned the whole elect. But the blessed Redeemer fully canceled every demand. He bore the penal wrath, paid for all sin and put it away by the sacrifice of Himself. And He wrought out a righteousness which He did not want for His own use. He wrought out one to give away: to give to them who had none. And God takes this righteousness, claps it upon the ungodly and says, ‘Thou art just in this righteousness.’ And thus He justifies the ungodly in the perfect obedience of His Son.

William Gadsby

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