God’s Promise Fulfilled

In the resurrection of Christ, all the redeemed were declared justified. They died and rose in Him and none can now lay anything to their charge. If it be but a man’s covenant, yet if it be confirmed, no man disannulleth or addeth thereto. Now, to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. Was not, then, the veracity of God pledged for the fulfillment of the promises to all the seed? (Romans 4:16Titus 1:2) God was not left ‘free of obligation’. He was bound by the perfection of His character. It is impossible for God to lie. He cannot but fulfill His promise, for He is the God of truth. But are the heirs of promise less indebted to His Grace?

A man is bound by his promise. Circumstances may occur which he did not foresee and which, had he been aware of, he would not have made the engagement. But, if he be a man of truth, he will keep it, notwithstanding. Now, God condescended to pledge both His promise and His oath to the Son of His Love and in Him, to all His people. Nothing has happened, or could happen, of which He had not the most perfect foreknowledge nor over which He did not possess the most absolute control. Shall it be considered an impeachment of His Grace that He is laid under an obligation, both by truth and justice, to bestow upon the redeemed eternal life? The Great Surety of the covenant fulfilled all righteousness, yielded to the law all the obedience it required, endured its curse and consequently, all the children of the covenant must inherit the Blessing.

Christ is their Advocate with the Father. He pleads for sinners, yet is He Jesus Christ the Righteous, for His intercession is founded on the perfection of His offering. He disclaims praying for the world, declaring He never knew them. But He knows His sheep. He gives them endless life. They shall never perish, neither shall any pluck them out of His hand. And that they may have strong consolation, He teaches them equally to rest on the Mercy, Truth and Justice of God.

James Haldane (1768-1851)

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