How Does God Teach Us Humility?

God teaches us humility, not only by hearing what wicked creatures we are; nor by merely looking into ourselves and seeing a whole swarm of evils there. We learn humility, not merely by a discovery of what we are as sinful and depraved, pitiful creatures, but also by a discovery of who and what the Lord Jesus Christ is to His people. We need a glimpse of Christ Jesus, of His love, of His grace, of His blood that satisfies infinite justice against us for our sins. When these two sights meet together in our hearts, our shame, and the Lord’s goodness; our guilt, and His forgiveness; our wickedness, and His super abounding mercy; they break us, humble us, and lay us dissolved in tears of godly sorrow and contrition, at the footstool of mercy! And thus we learn humility, that sweet grace, that blessed fruit of the Spirit in real, and we bow to the glory of God revealed in Christ Jesus. Outside of this Gospel revelation, all is pride and self-righteousness – “for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble” (1st Peter 5:5). All whom God teaches humility find nothing but sin in themselves and nothing but righteousness in Christ.

J.C. Philpot

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