Fervent Prayer

As we all know, God Who is absolutely sovereign in all things, Who has declared the end from the beginning, and Whose purposes and decretive will cannot be frustrated, has ordained all the means necessary to accomplish His will. One of the means God has ordained is the fervent prayers of His people. God purposes and promises to bless His people, but He also has ordained that they should make use of the blessed means and privilege of prayer. God blesses His people through prayer. God answers prayer. It may or may not be the answer we desire, and the blessing may or may not be what we expect, but it is a privilege and an act of faith and worship for believers to pray. The power, efficacy, and prevalence of prayer does not arise from any intrinsic worth and merit in the act of prayer, but from the grace of the Spirit Who influences and directs to it, from the powerful mediation, precious blood, and efficacious sacrifice of Christ, and from the promise of God and Christ, Who have engaged that whatever is asked according to the will of God and in the name of Christ shall be done.

John Gill

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