A Short Study of John 10:10

“I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”
(John 10:10)

One of Satan’s tricks to deceive people is to change the way the gospel is described. Such changes may seem innocent at first, but in time, the deadly poison is revealed for what it is, but only after much damage has been done. One example in our day is the use of such phrases as “You need Christ in your life,” or, “I asked Christ into my life.” At first glance, such a phrase may seem very good; but in truth, it is based on Christ-dishonoring and man-exalting thoughts.

First, such sayings are based on the idea that Christ is not already in a person’s life. Whatever your life is like, it is that way precisely because Christ is in it. Whether or not a man acknowledges it, Christ is ruling his life. He was in Ishmael’s life and much as Isaac’s, Esau’s as Jacob’s and Pharaoh’s as much as Moses’.

Second, such sayings imply that a man has a life before Christ gives him one, and the appearance of Christ serves only to make the life better. In my teens, one of my cousins came to spend a couple of days. We tried making pancakes. The first batch was an utter failure for we forgot to add the baking soda. We made certain to add some to the second batch and all was well. Many perceive that their lives are like that pancake batter, merely missing an ingredient necessary to be happy and productive, and they think that missing ingredient is Christ.

But Christ says that He came that His sheep might have life – a life they did not have beforehand. He did not come merely to improve the life they already had but to give them another life altogether.

A sinner does not need Christ in the life he already has; he needs a life he does not presently possess. He does not need Christ in his natural life; he needs Christ and the eternal, spiritual life He gives! He does not need Christ added to his life, he needs Christ Who IS our life!

So do not fall for this modern version of feel-good religion which makes salvation nothing more than an improved version of this walking death we call life. Be satisfied only with that New Life that Christ brings!


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