“I Am A Worm”

“I am a worm.”
(Psalm 22:6)

Christ calls Himself “a worm”…on account of the opinion that men of the world had of Him…the Jews esteemed Christ as a worm, and treated Him as such; He was loathsome to them and hated by them; everyone trampled upon Him, and trod Him under foot as men do worms…the Chaldee paraphrase renders it here a weak worm; and though Christ is the mighty God, and is also the Son of man, whom God made strong for Himself; yet there was a weakness in His human nature, and He was crucified through it (2nd Corinthians 13:4), and it has been observed by some, that the word used signifies the scarlet worm, or the worm that is in the grain or berry with which scarlet is dyed: and like this scarlet worm did our Lord look, when by way of mockery He was clothed with a scarlet robe; and especially when He appeared in His dyed garments, and as red in His apparel. As one that treadeth in the wine fat; when His body was covered with blood when He hung upon the cross. Which was shed to make crimson and scarlet sins as white as snow.

John Gill

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