The Tenor of Our Lives Reveals Our Master

The person who suggests that, since we are not under the law but under grace, we should therefore give vent to the flesh and sin reveals his total ignorance of the grace of God and the work of Christ. BEFORE a man is regenerated, he does love evil and himself and he hates God and holiness; but, AFTER regeneration, he loves God, holiness, and others. We are not looking for an excuse to sin; we are looking for strength to avoid it.

This is a good way to determine if we have been saved. We should know that if sin masters us, if we delight to do evil, if we enjoy evil companions, if we walk in darkness, then Christ is not our Master. The tenor of our lives reveals our master.

What do you really enjoy? In what direction are you really going? Who is really your LORD?

Henry Mahan – 1989

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