Rejoicing In Infirmities

When the Apostle Paul prayed three times for God to remove the thorn in his flesh, the answer which God gave him was satisfactory to him. “My grace is sufficient for you.” (2nd Corinthians 12:7-9)

The Lord has a purpose for these earthly trials and will fulfill that purpose for His glory and our good!

One thing I know; the Lord Himself is more glorified, and His grace and strength more manifest and more appreciated, in our weaknesses. When I have nothing to say, nothing to contribute, and nothing in which to find comfort and joy, I will look to the Lord Jesus and find in Him all that I need.

If infirmities and trials serve to make me look more fully to Christ, have less confidence in the flesh, and wait upon Him, then I will rejoice in infirmities.

Henry Mahan – 1989

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