A Short Study of Hebrews 7:22

By so much was Jesus made a surety of a better testament.”
(Hebrews 7:22)

When one undertakes to be surety for another, then the debt is reckoned unto him, and he accepts it. Thus, our dear Saviour, our blessed Surety, stood up for us engaged in our behalf. Our debts, all our iniquities, were imputed to Him and laid upon Him, charged upon His person. He fully satisfied, perfectly atoned justice for them. By the one sacrifice of Himself He has taken them all away, made an end of sin, so that justice itself proclaims its own faithfulness to forgive sin (1st John 1:9). Grace reigns, mercy triumphs, sinners are pardoned, believers rejoice. Oh believer, you are blessed of your God Who is just, therefore does not, cannot, impute sin to you. True, you have committed sins innumerable; but it is just as true, they were all laid upon Jesus. True, you do commit sins; it is equally true, Christ has borne them. You will commit sins; it is perfectly true your Saviour has atoned for them all. You have nothing to plead but guilty in yourself, but perfectly righteous in Christ. Every charge the enemy brings from the righteous law against you is just. Own it, but ever plead in your own conscience, and before the throne, Jesus has satisfied for all; there is now no condemnation. Oh believer, this is a most precious truth of God.

William Mason

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