“The God of All Grace”

“The God of all grace,” transcends all human thought and conception. He is not the God of some of the grace we enjoy, but of all the grace we have experienced and shall experience, all the way home to glory. This sweeps out of our way all thought of human merit, creature effort, or man’s cooperation in the work of salvation. Satan would have us believe that God is gracious only while we are good and the God of Grace to us when we believe, repent, and pray. What a perversion of truth! If God were not gracious, aye, “all grace” to me at all times, hell would certainly be mine. Unbelief, rebelliousness, and prayerlessness are great plagues to me. In the face of all His care and attention to me, I am forgetful and indifferent and unmindful of Him frequently.

Thomas Bradbury

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