My Righteous Standing Before God

Whenever I think of myself as standing on my own before God, my thoughts turn, not to righteousness and life, but to sin and death (Romans 7:9). However, as I think of myself as standing before this holy God, in Christ, I can sing from my heart, “Free from the law, Oh happy condition!” (Romans 7:1-4). You see, Christ has obeyed the law and satisfied God for me (Matthew 5:17-18; Romans 5:19). Now, in the eyes of God, Who appointed the Lord Jesus Christ to be my surety and substitute, it is as if I myself had satisfied the law of God. No, it is much better than that. Yea, infinitely better! Had I, personally and perfectly satisfied the law of God, it would have been a perfect righteousness, but rendered by a mere man. The righteousness which the Lord Jesus Christ rendered unto God in my name, is the righteousness of One who is not only perfect man, but is also eternal God! His righteousness is of infinite, boundless, measureless, indescribable value and worth—the “righteousness of God” (Romans 3:21-22; Philippians 3:9). Now this is the way I see it: God is more pleased with me, this old “dead dog sinner” (2nd Kings 8:13; 2nd Samuel 9:8), IN CHRIST, than if I had perfectly and personally kept His holy law myself. Thus, when I consider how much I owe unto God, and my total inability to pay, I offer unto Him my Substitute, the Lord Jesus Christ, and He is delighted to accept HIM. What a wonderful, full, complete, everlasting salvation! 

M. Montgomery

One Comment on “My Righteous Standing Before God

  1. So good too not only know and believe this, but to live from this place. Without a doubt I am destined for hell without Jesus, but through him I am redeemed, loved, made right in Gods eyes without a blame or fault! Great to read this upon waking up today!

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