The faith of the natural man, the unregenerate man, is reasonable, logical, and often very influential (Matthew 7:21-23); but the faith of the Christian is a gift of God, a miracle, and is always the producer of a radical change in those who possess it. A man cannot possibly possess saving faith whose thinking and attitude has not been radically changed concerning God and righteousness, man and sin, Christ and grace (2nd Corinthians 5:14-17). The difference between the two kinds of faith is the difference between shadows and substance, words and reality; natural faith professes, but saving faith knows! Natural faith merely acknowledges what saving faith experiences!

Faith is that belief and trust which the saints have in the Lord Jesus Christ. Through faith they are both humbled and exalted, brought down and lifted up. Through faith they see the exceeding sinfulness of sin and the pure righteousness of Jesus the Christ. Through faith they are condemned yet justified, guilty yet innocent, naked yet clothed, sorrowful yet “rejoicing with joy unspeakable and full of glory.” No wonder the Bible speaks of faith as “precious faith.”

M. Montgomery

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