A Short Study of Mark 1:18

“And straightway they forsook their nets and followed him.”
(Mark 1:18)

The disciples, who were fishermen by trade, invested a great deal in their nets. In those days, and still today, a fisherman’s net is his livelihood. All his trade is plied with his net. When the Lord found the disciples, they were “casting (their) net into the sea” (v.16). The sea has always been a mysterious and unknown thing, even to expert fishermen such as these disciples. Once (as at many other times, I’m sure) they had toiled all night and caught nothing out of the sea. Yet they continued to cast their nets into that sea, time and again. All their livelihood, their earnings, their hopes and dreams for their families and themselves, were cast upon that sea. And quite often the outcome was in doubt. But then . . . the Lord of Glory came looking for them. The Master came to His disciples and sovereignly, powerfully called them. And it says, “straightway they forsook their nets.” When they heard the effectual call of Christ, when they heard His voice and looked upon the altogether lovely Son of God, they immediately forsook those nets, boats, homes and families, in which were all their hopes and dreams, and cast all their care upon Him. From that day forward, Christ was their life, their all in all. And so it is with everyone who is called by the Lord. Those things which we once placed all our hopes, dreams, confidence and happiness in are forsaken for Someone better! CHRIST!

P. Mahan

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