Trusting God

Most of us don’t know God well enough to trust Him. Are you persuaded that God has complete control in reference to the things, which excite our anxiety? Are you persuaded that He will use this control in the best way as far as we are concerned? If I am to cast my cares on Him, I must know Him to be my Father; I must know Him to be my Friend; I must know Him to be my Protector, my Shepherd, my Guide, my Righteousness, and my Salvation.

I must believe His testimony that He loves me for Christ’s sake. “He careth for you.” It’s a small thing for God to care for us. He provides for the cattle on a thousand hills, all the wild beasts, an army of birds, fish and insects. Your needs and mine are scarcely a crumb from God’s table. If He says, “I will care for you,” then He WILL.

Scott Richardson

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