Satisfied In The Prospect of Eternity

How few can look death in the face with satisfaction! The word appears to me the most suitable one. Sometimes it is resignation that is talked of: “He was quite resigned.” Why, they will say that of a malefactor, that he was quite resigned to his fate. I do not like that term; it is not strong enough. I want something more – even satisfaction. To look forward to the departing moment, satisfied that “to die is gain” ; satisfied that the sting of death is gone; satisfied that the law has no curse to bring against me, justice no demand to make upon me, sin no catalogue to stand in the way entrance to glory, heaven no decree to shut me out, hell no power to keep me back, earth no attraction to hold me down. To be satisfied; to look forward to a dying hour with satisfaction. It is just according to the text: “Jesus died and rose again.” If I am His, so shall I. If I am in Him and shall be with Him, thpugh I sleep for a while, Jesus shall bring me with Him, that I may enjoy His presense and His smiles to all eternity.

Joseph Irons

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