“Continue Thy Lovingkindness”

“O continue thy lovingkindness unto them that know thee.”
(Psalm 36:10)

The Son of God has grappled with death. He has gone with all the sins of the church to face death; the sting of death entered into His heart, and He drew it out again; and now death is a friend to the child of God, for the Saviour has conquered “death, and him that had the power of death, that is, the devil.” (Hebrews 2:14)

All this was done in loving kindness! And He has ascended up on high, having finished the work, conquered every foe, satisfied every particle of the demands of justice; He has gone there, and is now surrounded with glorious majesty. He went up as a conqueror, with the sound of the trumpet; as it is said, “God went up with a shout, and with the sound of a trumpet.” “Open ye the gates, and let the King of Glory come in. Who is the King of Glory? The Lord mighty in battle,” (Isaiah 26:2; Psalm 24:8) that has conquered all His foes, redeemed His church, satisfied every perfection of Deity. Child of God; He is thy Head; and thou, virtually united with Him, went up with Him virtually into glory. You ascend up on high, and are there virtually seated with Him, until He brings you home at last, one glorious man, perfect in Christ Jesus the Lord. What loving kindness! O, would to God this sweet blessing were fully revealed in every contrite heart, and that the Comforter would bring the light, and power, and glory of it into our souls!

John Warburton – 1855

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