“Take Not Thy Holy Spirit From Me”

“Take not Thy Holy Spirit from me.”
(Psalm 51:11)

Every true believer fears the removal of God’s presence and power. David prayed, “Take not thy Spirit from me.” Paul feared that, “While preaching to others I might become a castaway.” My thoughts are that this condition is manifested in the following ways:

(1) We begin to experience no blessing nor benefit from the reading or preaching of the Word. When the Word ceases to convict, rebuke, burn in my heart and cause me to rejoice in Christ, then God is not speaking to me; for God speaks through His Word.

(2) We are in trouble when we feel satisfied with our spiritual progress and become puffed up with knowledge. We become authorities instead of learners; having arrived, our humble spirit is in creed alone; not experience.

(3) We can be absent from the fellowship of believers and worship of God without feeling a great loss and an empty heart. A man who can be warmed by his own fire is either dead or dying spiritually.

(4) We begin to be critics and find fault with others. The Spirit of God leads a man to feel that he is “less than the least,” “chief of sinners.” When the Spirit of God is not present, we become judges and faultfinders.

(5) When our souls are not vexed, by the sin within us and the conversation of men about us, when we can feel comfortable in the presence of those who “never knew our God,” when we can conform to the ways of natural men and the trend of materialism, the light of God is dim or extinguished.

(6) When our thoughts become self-centered and the general welfare, well-being, and joy of others is of no great concern to us, we are certainly not motivated by the Spirit of God. Selfishness, like self-­righteousness, is not of God. The heart filled with God’s love and grace dwells on others; to make them happy, is to be happy.

Henry Mahan

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