What Is It To Be In Christ?

O the unsearchable riches of that grace which took a countless multitude of Adam’s sons and daughters, before creation’s work was begun, and so united them to JEHOVAH-JESUS that nothing in time or eternity can ever separate them.

In Him they were when He fulfilled the precepts of the law.

In Him the Father saw them when down in dread Gethsemane and amid the fearful solitudes of Calvary He bore sin’s curse, and made an end of all their black transgressions.

In Him they stood when on the resurrection morn He triumphed over death, and gained the victory over the grave.

In Him they rose in glory to the skies.

In Him they are accepted of the Father and the admiration of all the host of heaven.

In Him they are complete. He presents them daily, without spot, holy, unblameable, and unreproveable in His Father’s sight.

Thomas Bradbury

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