Continual Mercy For Every Believer

“All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.”
(John 6:37)

To those of you who truly believe on the Lord Jesus Christ from the heart and are looking to Him for your salvation, hear the good news of the gospel again! Don’t despair over your salvation because you constantly feel sinful (or fall into sin). It is the work of the Holy Spirit of God to convict of sin. It is not a one-time thing but an on-going work in all God’s children. The Spirit’s first work in salvation is to convict of sin and point to Christ, and it is the CONTINUAL WORK of this kind Comforter. Like a faithful parent, He will never leave us to ourselves but is constantly reproving, rebuking, correcting, instructing, comforting, consoling, and encouraging. It is true that we can “grieve” the Holy Spirit and “quench” Him. This is much like when a child does not listen to nor abide by the teachings of its parent. Every believer is a responsible child unto his heavenly Father and must heed the instructions of his Father. But don’t ever despair of being His child when you fail or find yourself disobedient and sinful. That is the Holy Spirit convicting you and calling the prodigal back to the Father.
Despair of yourselves (of ever having any good thing in your flesh) but keep looking to and coming to Christ. Never despair of HIS MERCY, for it “endureth forever.” No matter how sinful you are, come right back to Christ, and you will find that His mercy is “new every morning.” That is what it means when it says, “Therefore will the LORD wait, that He may be gracious unto you…and that He might have mercy upon you” (Isaiah 30:18). Spoken like a true and loving Father to His children, there is never a time when they will come to Him for mercy and forgiveness only to have Him “cast them out.” We are always ready to receive our wayward children, so “how much more” the infinitely and eternally loving heavenly Father.

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