Three Wonders in Heaven

Do you remember John Newton’s story of The Three Wonders in Heaven?

The first wonder was that he would see so many there he did not expect to see there; the second was that he would miss so many he did expect to see there; but the third wonder would be the greatest wonder of them all – to find himself there.

When I hear myself and others censuring and condemning other believers because they are not like us, or are not perfect, I would remind myself and all that hear me that we are all saved by grace alone, and we have nothing that we did not receive.

I do not have any time for freewill Arminianism and a compromise of the gospel of Christ; but where we find those who love Christ Jesus and preach His grace, let us love, encourage and pray for them.

If there is anything that will cure a critical, envious spirit, it is to have the grace we preach and profess become a heart experience.

Henry Mahan – 1986

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