The Justice of God

The JUSTICE OF GOD is in itself a great barrier to the salvation of a sinner. Because God is just, our sins must be punished. Never has there been a sin pardoned without atonement since the world began. There has never been a sin remitted by the great Judge of heaven until justice has been fully satisfied.

How, then, can a sinner be saved? This is the great riddle of the law and the grand discovery of the gospel. The answer is, God’s justice has been fully satisfied through the substitution of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ (Isaiah 45:22; Romans 3:26).

He died “the just for the unjust” (1st Peter 3:18) that He might bring us to God. Through the obedience and death of our Lord on our behalf, God can be just and justify the believer.

Henry Mahan – 1986

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