Did Christ Have To Become All That I Am?

I sometimes hear preachers say something like this: “Christ had to become all I am to save me.” Their view is that Christ is an absolute substitute. But where do they get this? Not the Bible! This may be logical to the human mind but it is not Biblical truth. The truth is, Christ came sent of the Father to BE and DO what I could not be or do! For Christ to be what I am He would have to become a sinner and this would render Him an unsuitable sacrifice for sins. No, Christ came to be what we could not be, a sinless Substitute to die in our place before the holy justice of God. Being what we could not, He died as the Lamb without spot or blemish, satisfying the sin debt of all His elect by His death. “The wages of sin is death,” and Christ died a substitutionary death, bearing our sins in His own body on the tree when He was put to death. If Christ had to be what I am then there was evidently a period of time that He ceased to be God who is holy and unchangeable. As Paul says, “God forbid!” His deity is what gives His sacrifice value to redeem a multitude and makes it acceptable to God. If being a sinner saves someone before God, then half of Adam’s race could have been saved without Christ because the other half could have died for them! Christ’s uniqueness is what saves His people. He was a sinless MAN! We are redeemed “by the precious blood of Christ.” Only sinless blood could save us. Biblical substitution is Christ dying “the JUST for the unjust.” Thank God He was not what I am nor did He “become all that I am.” Christ died for sinners because He was not one and did not become one! Dying this way, He brought us to God!

G. Shepard

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