A Short Study of 2nd Corinthians 3:11

“And if what was fading away came with glory, how much greater is the glory of that which lasts.”
(2nd Corinthians 3.11)

It is only the greater and lasting glory of Christ and His gospel that will convince a person to let go of whatever weak and temporary glory he presently clings to. 

Is a man enamoured of the law? He will remain so until the glory of the gospel eclipses that glory of the law. 

Is a man absorbed with the subject of his own righteousness? That shall remain unchanged until the glorious Sun of Righteousness rises on his soul. 

A man never gives up anything until something better comes along. The gospel is that something better. When the gospel is preached, those whose eyes the Spirit has opened see the greater glory of it and gladly embrace it while letting go of what they previously held. Until the greater glory is revealed, men will cling to their lesser glories.

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