The Cure For Misery

The reason for the misery which we experience in this life is sin. It is the cause of every ill thing: sickness, pain, sorrow, death and countless other things. If sin is the origin of every misery, what is the remedy? It is the redeeming work of our Lord Jesus Christ. O that the Holy Spirit would enable us to see that the blessed Redeemer has removed that which is the very root of all of our problems.

“Christ died for our sins.”
(1st Corinthians 15:3)

When the eye of faith beholds Him who made satisfaction to offended justice for our sins, when we see that Christ condemned sin when He gave His life a ransom for many, then sadness will be turned to joyfulness. Herein lies the key to happiness and contentment in this world. “Looking unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith.” Child of God, would you face this life with confidence and cheerfulness? Believe the Word of God which declares that Christ has made an end of sins for all who believe Him. God the Father is satisfied with the life, death and resurrection of your Saviour. You are made comely through His righteousness. Let every doubt and fear vanish; let joy fill your heart. Your acceptance has never been dependent upon you, but upon your Surety. Your standing before God is secure because you abide in Him forever.

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