The Sinless Saviour

“Who did no sin, neither was guile found in his mouth.” (1st Peter 2:22)

Here is a glorious personage set before us as sinless – a Sinless Saviour, in whose mouth there was no guile.

How can we sufficiently admire such a character – God and Man, one Precious Christ, the Saviour of sinners, His humanity as perfect as His Godhead?

I cannot use language too strong here because, if we were to admit for one moment the possibility of so much as an impure thought, an impure motive, an impure design or an impure desire in the heart of Christ’s humanity, it would neutralize and destroy the whole of His work and tarnish the entire glory of His person. But our souls rejoice in the fact that, being of Divine conception and birth; “…that holy thing,” (Luke 1:35) in the body that God the Father had prepared for Him, being of the Holy Ghost, had no sin in Him, no propensity to sin and no possibility of a propensity to sin. His humanity is as perfect, as sinless, as incapable of pollution, as His Godhead.

Joseph Irons – 1849

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