The Character of A Gospel Witness

To follow godliness without sound doctrine will lead to wildfire and zeal without direction. But to follow doctrine without GRACE and GODLINESS will lead to dead orthodoxy. In trying to avoid one ditch, let us not forget that there is a ditch on the other side of the road; and sometimes the champions of “the cause of God and truth” fall into errors of SPIRIT and ATTITUDE!

Let us contend for truth without being contentious. A man can be orthodox without being obnoxious! Let us lift up “the way” while we encourage the wayfarers. Let us preach with patience, witness in love, and “not strive, but be gentle unto all men.” (2nd Timothy 2:24)

I can tell a man what the gospel has done FOR me while I show him what the gospel has done IN me. This is called, “Adorning the doctrine of God, our Saviour.”

Henry Mahan – 1989

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