A Short Study of Hebrews 10:14

For by one offering HE hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified.”
(Hebrews 10:14)

Think about the impact and glory of this statement from God’s Holy Word. The “one offering” of Himself, the Lord Jesus Christ, was in and of itself enough to perfect “forever” the ones for whom He died. How could one single offering accomplish so much? The offering was Himself, the Son of God incarnate. Christ is God in human flesh without sin. He offered Himself without spot to God. He is Godman, and it was His death as the Surety and Substitute of His people, “Them that are sanctified” (chosen and set apart by God for Himself in sovereign electing grace). This perfection is the completeness of being justified based on Christ’s righteousness imputed to them and which was accomplished for them on Calvary’s cross when He redeemed them from their sins. It is the perfection of righteousness and eternal life given to them freely and fully by Christ Who is their life. Because of His one offering of Himself for their sins imputed to Him there is no way they could perish. They MUST be saved and set free FOREVER to be with Him in glory. To say otherwise is to deny Him and His one offering. And so based on His one offering, they are justified before God, and they will receive the gift of spiritual life from the dead. Based on His one offering, they will be preserved unto glory by the grace and power of God. Apart from the full application of all these blessings that come from His one offering, there could be no true perfection for those who have been sanctified by God. But, praise God, there is perfection for all who believe and rest in Christ for all salvation and eternal life. 

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