A Short Study of Genesis 24:58

“And they called Rebekah, and said unto her, Wilt thou go with this man? And she said, I will go.”
(Genesis 24:58)

See, my soul, with what readiness Rebekah determined to accompany the servant of Abraham to Isaac. And will you not arise and go forth at the invitation of the servants of Jesus, who sends them to call you to his arms? Has he not, by the sweet constraining influences of his Holy Spirit, as well as by the outward ministry of his blessed word, made you willing in the day of his power? Did not the servant of Abraham give proof of his master’s affection in putting the bracelets upon Rebekah’s hands, and the earrings, and the gold? But what was this to the love-tokens which Jesus himself has given you, when he set you as a seal upon his heart, and as a seal upon his arm? When all the waters of divine wrath were poured upon him for your sins, which like a deluge had overspread your whole nature, it could not quench his love, nor drown it.

If it should be demanded then, from your own mouth this day, “Will you go with this man?” this God-man, this Glory-man, this Jesus, will you not instantly cry out, “I will go?” Yes! you altogether lovely LORD, you greatest and fairest among ten thousand, I will go with you. It would be better for me to leave my own people and my father’s house. For my father’s house is a house of bondage. I was born in sin, and shaped in iniquity. I am by nature a child of wrath, even as others, and dead in trespasses and sins. It is you, blessed Jesus, who have delivered me from the wrath to come. It is you who have quickened me by your Holy Spirit to a new and spiritual life. It is you who have sent your servants to call me to yourself, and have betrothed me to yourself for ever.

Is there is any that yet who would ask me, “Will you go with this man?” My whole soul would answer the question as the apostle did, “to whom else shall I go?” (John 6:68)

Witness for me, you servants of my LORD; you angels, and ministers of light. I have no one in heaven, neither in earth, but Him. Yes, dearest Redeemer! I will go with You, follow You, live with You, depend upon You, and die with You. Not even death itself shall part You and me. Oh let those precious words of yours, concerning your church be sweetly felt in my soul. “I will say, it is my people” and my whole soul will make her responses to the gracious sound, and say, “the LORD is my God.” (Zechariah 13:9)

Robert Hawker

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