Assurance In Christ Alone

This is the Scripture-assurance for a child of God, or believer, to see everything in himself as nothing, and himself everything in Christ. Faith is the ground of things hoped for, and the evidence of things unseen, Heb.11:1. All other assurances are rotten conclusions from the Word; and such things as true legal teachers have invented, not understanding the mystery of the Kingdom of Christ. The Scriptures bid you see nothing in yourself, or all as nothing. These teachers bid you see something in yourself; so as the leaving out Christ in sanctification, is the foundation of all doubts, fears, and distractions. And he that looks on his repentance, on his love, on his humility, on his obedience, and not in the tincture of the Blood of Christ, must needs believe weakly and uncomfortably.

J. Saltmarsh – 1649

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