Questions On The Absurdity of Premillennialism

Brethren: Perhaps someone can provide us with information, based on scripture, relative to what is today called the millennial reign of Christ on earth.

Having known many persons of this persuasion I am somewhat surprised by their silence. No one has ever given out any substantial ideas, or even perceived theories, of what is to take place in this 1000 year kingdom, or reign of Christ. At least I have not heard from them. Rumor has it that there will be a restored throne, a new temple, universal peace, and many other benefits worthy of the reign of God on earth. But, is this so?

“While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.” (Genesis 8:22)

In pondering this text there comes to mind several questions: will there be any suspension of this text? If not, could it not be possible that there would remain the attending weather problems so common now? Ice storms? Floods? Tornadoes and hurricanes? Will these things affect the nations, assuming there will be nations? There are to be nations, are there not? It would be a pleasure to learn of these matters in this wondrous kingdom of Christ on earth.

Again, assuming there will be nations, will their depravity be suspended for the 1000 years, or will they, the nations, continue in enmity against God as previous to the kingdom? Any light on the conduct of these nations will be greatly appreciated.

Also, will the earth’s plates that cause so many earthquakes be frozen in place for this earthly kingdom, or will these sad disasters continue to plague mankind, even while Jesus is supposed to be reigning in absolute authority. Would earthquakes disrupt the prevailing peace or would they somehow have no effect as they now do?

On another point, where will all the elect from all ages be housed in this future kingdom? They surely are beyond numbering, so what will they all do for a 1000 years. Will they be crowded together, possibly in Palestine or maybe even in a desert place where there would be more room? I shall resist asking what will happen to all those positions of mayor, governor, senators and so on that Arminian millennial hawks promote for the dutiful.

And, what will Christ Himself be doing all this time? Will he heal the sick? Then there must be sickness. Cure deformities and disease? These too must be prevalent then. Will Jesus go out among the people? If so will He use modern transportation or walk, sandals and so on. I ask this, not casually, but in genuine sincerity.

Another area of concern is the future of the various habitations on earth. Will Las Vegas be somehow reformed, vile nature and all, or will they be deprived of their natural inclinations? What of all the other places, almost without number, of base conduct, and the venting of human emotions unfit for mention here? Will they bow in submission to the personal reign of Jesus? If so, will they bow in hypocrisy or will they somehow be born again? If born again, will they be added to the Church that Jesus built? What of the millions of jobs related to war? Gone, or will they simply start producing plow shears without number?

Human life! How long will man live? Surely death would be banished from the presence of Jesus. Will there be any births? Then sex will remain, will it not? Can all humans have sex, or only those that can do it without sin?

On we might go. A thousand questions come to mind but these should suffice. Any information will be appreciated but it is to be hoped that all answers will be based in biblical fact and not simple speculation.

To each who may help I extend my sincere thanks.

James Poole

Should any millennialist desire to castigate me for my ignorance, they may forget it. I already know all about it.

One Comment on “Questions On The Absurdity of Premillennialism

  1. Excellent post! Your wit had me in hysterics! Yes, premillennialism is totally bonkers! What I want to know is: will anyone be surprised by the timing of the final rebellion at the end of the millenium? Simply add 1000 years to Jesus’ second return date and plan your life accordingly 😆 I also wonder what the resurrected, immortal saints will be doing during this rebellion. Perhaps these questions are answered in the “Left Behind” novels. 🤔

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