Misleading Preachers

Some preachers have declared if the damned in hell could hear the glad tidings of the gospel and were permitted [as if they have the wherewithal to resurrect themselves from the dead in order to believe—natural man, natural faith—not salvific], how gladly would they embrace it! How awful such declarations are! Why, if even they could hear of a Saviour, but had no spiritual hunger or thirst for Christ and His salvation, they could not love God; and if even they could come out of hell upon earth, it would only be to be damned again.

Some may say, I believe in election, but live in all manner of uncleanness. I tell you that you are almost like devils; for they have knowledge and arrogance; and like them, you are fitting for eternal damnation.

The other class, not so bold or manifest, had a fine conversion, though not very deep. “I went to hear a minister who offered Christ, and I accepted Him.” Poor sinner! The devil has been drugging you with his infernal opium. You may pretend to know God, and at the last die an ignorant fool.

But, there may be some poor child of God saying, “There is no hope for me, then; for I can no more believe than I can make a world. I would read the Word and would pray to God, but cannot, for I am like a distracted man.” Why, if you would believe when you please, how would the Bible be true, that faith is the gift of God? Nevertheless, He will bring that soul amidst it all to believe in Jesus Christ.


William Gadsby

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